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Brand Positioning
Brand positioning helps your clarify who and how you serve.
It also tells your potential customers why you are the right company for them and what sets your products or services apart.
Brand owners know, the stakes are high in brand positioning. Brand repositioning is more difficult than initially positioning a brand because you must first help the customer "unlearn" the current brand positioning, and then "re learn" about brand name, corporate identity, CD, logo, website, products and packaging that emphasize the new positioning.

Brand repositioning is necessary if one or more of these conditions exist:
· Your brand has a opaque, confusing, or nonexistent image or message.
· Your brand lacks vitality. It is perceived as "old" or "tired", not experienced or traditional.
· The primary benefit or USP your brand "owns" has evolved from a differentiating benefit to a cost-of-entry benefit.
· Your company is significantly altering its strategic direction.
· Your company is entering new businesses and the current positioning is no longer appropriate.
· Your company has bought or incubated othr brands or sub brands.
· A new competitor with a superior value proposition is entering your industry.
· Competition has usurped your brand's position or made it ineffectual.
· Competition has deliberately repositioned your brand in a negative way.
· Technology has disrupted or changed your industry or your brand.
· A brand extension/incubation has repositioned the parent brand in a negative light.
· Research indicates that your brand is no longer unique or compelling.
· Research indicates your brand is not building an emotional connection to your target customer.
· Your company has acquired a very powerful proprietary advantage or USP that must be worked into the brand positioning.
· Corporate culture renewal dictates at least a revision of the brand personality.
· You are broadening your brand to appeal to additional, potencial consumers or consumer need segments for whom the current brand positioning won't work.
Defining and emphasizing the better positioning in the market through new brand strategy, design and growth. Read more...
Case Study
Holtmann Since 195O

A new USP, new message, new image, and better positioning in the market.

Holtmann (Holtmann GmbH & Co. KG) is one of the leading service provider for trade fair and event in Germany. Holtmann was able to change the exhibition construction landscape internationally, and worked on various global projects in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Hanover, Milan, Paris, Moscow, London, Shanghai and Dubai.

In 2018, as Holtmann (Holtmann GmbH & Co. KG) Design- and Brand Consultant, along with rebranding and brand strategy transformation, definition and design of a new image and identity was put on the agenda.

After three months deep research and analyzing more than100 international trade fair and event companies in Germany, we found about 30 companies that use the word Messe+Event in their sub claims, title or slogan, more than twenty companies also had black and white in their corporate colors.

My suggestion was to define a brand architecture and create a new (sub) brand with a completely different and unique image, as well as to develop Holtman with a new approach.
Holtman Since195O was born with a fiery orange and white as a main color, silver and anthracite as the accent color. Traditional Holtman but, instead of black and white, a combination of white, anthracite and orange was chosen as the accent color.

There were no other trade fair and event companies in Germany at that time using such a corporate color combination. Our goal was to create a new, relevant brand with an emphasis on design rather than construction. A company with two images in the mind of the audience; One is the serious color of anthracite and white, symbolizing the company's seventy years of experience; and another, combination of orange and white for a new brand with a young and ambitious approach to gaining more market share. Read more...
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