How to create a consistent, lasting and memorable Look and feel for your brand?
Corporate Design
Your logos and corporate colors are an important conveyor of your brand, but they should be an expression of something much deeper. Your brand identity.

Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand, such as logo, color, typeface, pattern and etc, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers' minds.

Branding is a nebulous word. When most people speak about it, they mean logo or colors. But you, as an entrepreneur or CEO, most certainly know more that it's more than that.
Your logo is the first experience your audiences have with your product or service; but it is not your brand. your brand needs much more components than a logo. Brand's identity, with custom and integrated designed, that will out-perform your competition.

How many companies are there in your business?
How many companies use your corporate colors?
How many brands are there like your name in market?
What message does your corporate logo and color convey to the customer?
What image or message of your company, business, product or services is hidden in corporate design?
How many companies use the same slogan or tagline as you?
What sets you apart from so many similar names, colors or companies? How to create a consistent and memorable Look and feel for your brand?
Corporate design helps the brand develop its own unique stance and differentiate itself from others in the market. This differentiation also helps in developing a brand reputation and positioning and getting a loyal customer-base in the market.
Corporate Design
Color Pallet/Corporate Colors
Stationery Set (Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope, and etc)
Product Packaging
Exhibition & Interior

Social Media
Email Signature
and more...
Case Study
Holtmann Since 195O

Two images, a common message. But more market share.

Holtmann (Holtmann GmbH & Co. KG) is one of the leading service provider for trade fair and event in Germany. Holtmann was able to change the exhibition construction landscape internationally, and worked on various global projects in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Hanover, Milan, Paris, Moscow, London, Shanghai and Dubai.

In 2018, as a Holtmann (Holtmann GmbH & Co. KG) Design- and Brand Consultant, along with rebranding and brand strategy transforming, definition and design of a new image and identity was put on the agenda.
After three months deep research and analyzing more than100 international trade fair and event companies in Germany, we found about 30 companies that use the word Messe+Event in their sub claims, title or slogan, more than twenty companies also had black and white in their corporate colors.

My suggestion was to define a brand architecture and create a new (sub) brand with a completely different and unique image, as well as to develop Holtman with a new approach.
Holtman Since195O was born with a fiery orange and white as a main color, silver and anthracite as the accent color. Traditional Holtman but, instead of black and white, a combination of white, anthracite and orange was chosen as the accent color.

At that time in 2018, no trade fair and event company - at least in Germany - did not use such a corporate color combination. Our strategy was to create a new, relevant but independent brand with a focus on design rather than construction. A company with two images in the mind of the audience. One is the serious corporeal color of anthracite and white, representing the seventy years of experience of the company. And another, combination of orange and white for a new brand with a young and ambitious approach to gaining more market share.
Two images, a common message! for more market share. Read more...
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