"A brand is built to deliver something special, and otherwise your company can sell with a logo." Mahyar Nazemi
"A brand is built to deliver something special, and otherwise your company can sell with a logo." Mahyar Nazemi
Brand Concept
A brand concept is a distinct idea or core essence behind a business that defines a brand's identity, personality, values, and position in the market or minds of consumers.

A brand concept is usually accompanied by a unique value/sale proposition that guides a brand's naming, slogan, corporate design, and overall marketing strategy.
World wide, there are about 300 million persons trying to start about 150 million businesses. About one third will be launched, so you can assume 50 million new firm births per year. Or about 137,000 per day!
Add the number of active companies in the world- 334 million worldwide in 2021 (©Statista) to this number!

Now, imagine a brand without a brand identity, personality, values, USP, and positioning in this saturated market?

The question is, why should customers buy your product or service in this chaotic market? In other words, how can you differentiate yourself among the crowd of competing companies on the market?
A brand concept is a comprehensive plan that outlines the purpose and direction of a company's brand. It is the foundation on which a company's branding strategy, identity and growth is built. The brand concept must be developed based on a unique selling proposal based on a deep understanding of the market and the target audience's needs, wants, and values.
Featured Project
Palmellato is a brand concept tailored to luxury goods based in Milan, Italy.
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