Your business, product or service, brand starts with a name. How can you improve your brand by choosing a better name?
Your business, product or service, brand starts with a name. How can you improve your brand by choosing a better name?

Brand Naming
What is the importance of a brand name?
Your brand is your company's most valuable asset, but your brand name is an important one!

One of the most essential parts of starting a business (branding or rebranding) is choosing the right name.

We create memorable brand names that transcend borders, languages and cultures to make customer choice clear, easy and lovely.
Whether you are a traditional company, or start-up looking for an awesome business, brand, product or service name, or have a company, product or service that's still unnamed, we are here to hear more about your project.
A recent article in the Economist on "Nine billion company names – businesses are coming up with ever-sillier ways to identify themselves," revealed just how difficult it is today to find that ideal name, one that will convey the essence of the brand persona.

The name development business has never been more hectic due to the unprecedented rate of startups today and the ease and desire to become global. This is why it seeks acceptance in many languages. There are some basic guidelines for creating memorable names – e.g. short and simple (2-3 syllables at most), must reflect the brand personality, evoke emotions, sound pleasant, and of course be distinctive and protectable.

The tech boom has led to unique names like Google, which was derived from the mathematical term for ten to the power of 100 (a "googol"), and also has the advantage of being used as a verb. On the other hand, some name experts have described Yahoo as "tediously wacky" and Saffiano as overly familiar.
An estimated 7 million trademark applications were filed worldwide in 2016, 16.4% more than in 2015.
In this vast range, a good brand name is worth gold. From domain name (URL) on business card to recommendation – word of mouth – is a marketing channel not to be underestimated, which is why the brand name is often the first brand touch point with which potential customers come into contact. Even before the target group knows anything about a brand, they get an idea just from the name.

That's why it's important to give the brand a timeless, memorable and concise name that triggers a feeling for the brand. This is because it conveys an idea of the business concept and arouses curiosity.
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Bermany is a mixed-use complex concept with commercial, office, and residential space in Hannover, Germany.
Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions about brand naming.
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How can a brand name help you build a better brand?

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