How can you see your brand in a completely distinct light?
Brand Prism
A brand has very specific characteristics that identify it beyond its logo and other visual design materials. According to Kapferer, brands that manage to perfectly harmonize and express these characteristics are the ones that succeed in building a strong and distinctive brand identity. A prism's purpose is for brands to identify and recognize the pieces of their identities and integrate and coordinate them to tell their story.

The Brand Prism (also brand identity prism, sometimes called the Kapferer Brand Identity Prism), is a concept for defining and describing a brand's identity (brand core, brand style and brand themes) through its characteristics. The prism diagram is a useful visualization for identifying not only a brand's core characteristics, but how they relate to one another.
Consumers' expectations have changed. Both consumers, employees and company owners like to be proud of their brands. The closer a brand's appearance is to its values, the more attractive the brand is.
But "values" can be a loaded and often misunderstood term.

. What does it mean for a brand to truly carve out values that are both distinct and applicable?
. What does it mean for these values to define, show up—and be measured—across every facet of the brand experience?
. And ultimately, what impact does this have on a brand's relationships with its internal and external stakeholders?
Research shows that consumers expect brands to meet higher standards than ever before. They expect to see a brand's values reflected in everything the brand looks and feels like. On the other hand, brands are struggling to articulate and communicate their values with consumers.

But, how can you see your brand with a completely updated look and feel?
Case Study
Italian leather history goes way back to the year thousand when the Saracens brought the use of leather to Sicily. Through the years, its craftsmanship evolved and spread all over the country, and Italy became one of the world's leading players in the production of leatherwear. A merit that still stands today.

In 1282, the Arte dei Cuoiai (Leather Workers Guild) was born. It was one of many professional guilds in Florence (others were present in developed cities like London), secular institutions that protected trade secrets and enforced strict quality standards. This ensured the city's leather industry remained highly competitive on the international stage. To this day, dotted along the banks of the River Arno from Florence to Pisa, esteemed leather artisans continue to operate.
At the beginning of the 20th century, a selection of now leading fashion houses began their commercial lives as leather goods stores, including Prada (1913), Gucci (1921) and Ferragamo (1927).

As is the case with most inventions in the fashion world, Palmellato leather originated in Italy where it was allegedly first used by Mario Prada (founder and original designer of the fashion label Prada).
While there is evidence that this type of leather was invented before Mario Prada, he patented and commercialized it, and has used it in many of the company's most successful high-fashion goods, such as bags, ever since.

Even though the leather was used exclusively by Prada for decades, once the patent expired, other brands started using Saffiano and Palmellato leather and name as well; and it found its way into the bag, wallet, and belt collections of many labels like Armani, Boss, Bvlgari, Coach, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Longchamp, Louis Vuitton, and Michael Kors.

Whether you choose this brand for fashion house, accessories or leather goods, its seductive, luxurious, memorable and melodious Italian name is always reminds a luxury product.

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