A brand is not just a narrative unfolding across all touch points, but also what makes you stand out from the competition. How to make your brand stand out better?
Brand is more important to your business than ever!

The IPA report - 'The intangible revolution: how intangible assets are transforming management and business practice' - points out that such assets, including brands, have never been more important. Survey after survey has shown that brands and other intangibles typically account for between 30% and 70% of a company's market value; in certain sectors, including luxury goods, this figure can be even higher.

A brand is an overall experience of a customer that distinguishes a business, company, service or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customers.
· Why does your brand exist?
· What is your brand's why, how, and what?
· Who are your competitors?
· Who are your target audience?
· What makes your brand different?
· What is your brand distinction and why is that meaningful for your customers?
· What are your customers' tangible benefits from your product/service?
· How does your product/service make your customers feel?
· What are the values of your company?
· What should the strategy of the brand's communication be?
· What is your brand core message?
· How good is your current brand identity?
· How good is your current brand story?

The ongoing pressure to deliver short-term financial results coupled with the fragmentation of media, such as social media, will tempt organizations to focus on measurables result, such as social media fans/followers, and neglect the objective of building brand assets.

Brands need well-defined strategy, identity and growth that support those core message and image.
Brand development is a strategic process of creating and distinguishing your company's image and message, products and services from your competitors. Development includes aligning your brand with your business objectives, communicating your brand to your target market and updating or strengthening your brand as necessary.

In the end, we know you don't need a pretty logo to drive results, any competent graphic designer can do that. For us, it all starts and ends with your brand strategy. A compelling story, identity and strategic positioning are the foundation of greatness – and great business results. Stronger brand, stronger USP. This simple equation drives all our thinking and creativity.

Let us help you develop your brand to its fullest potential.
Case Study

Bees are wonderful creatures. They are the best example of a successful team. Bees are incredibly organized, precise, goal oriented, focused and harmonious in their relationships as a group. Their effective cooperation and collaboration is hardwired in the backbone of their colony.

The playful colors of the world of bees are our favorite colors too, that is why we adopted the Yellow and Black colors for our company's corporate colors.

Bees make honey. We all love honey. Here in our Hanover Beesiness office, we always have extra organic jars of honey for our personal consumptions, also to gift them to our clients.

When we were looking for a name, for our company, we thought inquisitively about what could represent our services and our business image, the best, and we thought Bees do!
We admire and love bees, for how essential they are, to our nature, and of course we thank them for their delicious honey too.
So, we all decided on a business name that advertises, promotes and honors bees too, and the Beesiness name was born to carry the image of our business.

What does the name of your company says, about your business?
Are you happy with your name? Does it really represent all you want to say and advertise, in one glance?

The name, corporate design and visual representation of your company's name perhaps is one of the most important features that determine the future outcome of your company's goals.

Let us, also, help you find the most appropriate image, message, identity, and strategy, that deliver, what you want to convey to your customers, the best it can.
Our aim at Beesiness is to make our clients as successful as possible, but also to establish a long lasting friendly relationship with them, so that, whenever they taste honey it would remind them of their successful choice they made to do business with Beesiness.
Let our bees, help you find the best solutions for your business, brand, products or services and market.

The one thing all of ours have in common is a compelling story. Every business has a unique story to tell, every brand has a story that's never completely told! We are business and brand storytellers.

How do you describe your brand story?
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